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About IMASS International
  • Welcome to IMASS International

    International Mental Arithmetic Systems.
    IMASS is one of the world’s leading Children Institutes for Self Empowerment. Having its Corporate Office in Thanjavur, India. IMASS International is an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified institution established in the year 2004 May, manned by professionals who have had a decade of international experience in Kids education and training. IMASS operates in Several countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, China and USA.
    IMASS has successful franchise centers in all these countries. IMASS has transformed the lives of more than 1,00,000 children all over the world with its high-quality programs.

    As  we are successfully   started  and running  IMASS  institutions all over India  and Sri Lanka especially  in Tamilnadu we have near more than 57 centers . we glad to inform  that stepping ahead into a new level of our  education , we proudly announced that our new  levels here which includes.

    • Mental arithmetic systems and hand writing
    • Abacus Teacher Training educations
    • Montessori Teachers Training Program
    • Speed math’s ( Vedic Math’s )
    • Spoken english course ( WorldWide Institute of speech & Drama, UK )
    • Civil Services
    • NEET Academy
    • CA academy
  • Making Extra Genius With In...

    IMASS is an international concept and ISO 9001;2008 certified program. ABACUS Education program is implemented in several Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, China and USA. IMASS is Specially formulated for Indian children for both side (left and right) brain development through both hands. IMASS method explores the latent talents of the children. It uses the ancient tool by name “Abacus” this system is used to teach children to use both their hands to manipulate the beads in the initial stages they take the help of the “Abacus” to workout the problems. when the “Abacus” is taken away gradually the children are able to visualize the beads mentally and solve all arithmetic problems. They excels themselves in speed, accuracy, concentration and memory power.

    It deals With :
    Addition (+)
    Subtraction (-)
    Multiplication (x)
    Division (%)
  • Right Age is 5 to 13 years."WHY"?

    Every human -being attains 50% of brain development at the age of 3, 90% at the age of 5 and its full development is at the age of 15.hence the right age is 5 to 13.In IMASS childern are ctrained to use their both hands to manipulate the beads along the rod in “ABACUS” which stimulate their brain cells automatically.
    The syllabus followed by IMASS is the one which followed in indonesia,Philipines,Singapore,Malaysia,China. Have an owner with clear authorities.
  • IMASS Students Encourged to Participate In

    1.Centre Level Competition
    2.District And State Level Competition
    3.National Level Competition
    4.Limca Book Of World Records
    5.Genius Book Of World Records.

    Printed and Compulsory syllabus for IMASS students(Only in IMASS)
    • Good Hand Writing
    • Speed Writing
    • Left Hand Drawing
    • Left Hand Coloring
    • IMASS Features

      Abacus Mental Arithimetic Programe – Speed, Accuracy, Concentration, Memory Power. Hand Writing, Speed Writing and Vedic Maths Concept – Good Results in Acadamic side. Drawing and Coloring – Complete Fun for Student.

    • Our Mission

      Our Mission is to nurture the children of this world in bringing out the real leader in him/her, who are the hopes for the future of this world.

    • Our Vision

      Education is the most powerful and always new way to change the world. IMASS not only Support but initiate new educational technologies for aspirants.

    • Quality Policy

      Not Only Maths ! IMASS Improves All Round Academic Proficiency
      We are committed to achieving our mission by implementing quality systems in all areas and continually improve them through regular feedback from channel partners and Franchisee.

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